Timber! A successful January workday

Many hands make light work, as they say. We had 14 volunteers at today’s Wapley Bushes workday. Our plan was to create a range of micro-habitats in the Western Wood. The Western Wood was planted some 20 years ago and had never been thinned, so we concentrated on three areas to increase the biodiversity as recommended in the Management Plan.

Following Forestry Commission guidelines we carried out some selective felling to open up a glade just off the Ride, allowing light through and encouraging ground flora.

Along the diagonal path we cleared a number of semicircular areas that will provide warm, still air conditions for our many species of butterfly.

Finally we cut back a lot of intrusive brambles and overgrowth at the entrance from the Ride to the Western Wood to improve public access and let more light through to ground level.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who came today – all your hard work will pay dividends later in the year!

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