Report from Wapley Work Morning, Sunday 16 February

A very busy work morning, as nine of us tackled some major jobs. Tree planting, fruit tree pruning, litter picking, cutting up fallen trees, and hydrological engineering!

We cleared some fallen trees and then tackled the blocked outlet from the Top Pond. To find the blockage we first had to hack our way up through the middle of a hedge:

I think we’ve found the source of the Nile
– Dr Livingstone I presume?

The blockage which was making the Top Pond too deep turned out to be fallen tree branches under the water. Some of them were so rotten they looked like been spare parts for the Mary Rose. Eventually we were rewarded with success as the stream started to flow rapidly – we calculated the flow rate as about at around a tonne of water a minute. The pond was already several inches lower when we left – objective achieved.

The stream is now flowing healthily again

Meanwhile our other work parties were pruning back the small fruit trees in the Orchard for the Future and generally tidying up the Nature Reserve. A good morning’s work!

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