Report back on the grass transplant!

Isabel and Bert “making hay while the sun shines”
in the Lower Meadow

Wapley Bushes Conservation Group is trying to enhance one of the popular local meadow areas by transplanting wildflower seeds from another part of the Local Nature Reserve.

We’re working on a project to improve the biodiversity of the Upper Meadow. We’ve transplanted seeds from the herb-rich Lower Meadow, which is spectacular when the flowers are in bloom, to the Upper Meadow. When the grass was cut we collected some sacks of the cuttings, complete with seeds. We raked our target area and then spread the cuttings on it so that the seeds can take root.

Malcolm, Reuben, Tim and Paul spreading
the flower-rich grass in the Upper Meadow

We took some of the grass home and spread it out to dry. It was surprising just how much seed was produced. Hopefully the seeds will germinate next spring – we’ll come back to this patch to see how much of a difference we’ve made.

Wapley Bushes Local Nature Reserve is managed by the Conservation Group on behalf of landowners Dodington Parish Council. This is just one of the projects we are undertaking to improve the area for the local community. We always welcome visitors and new volunteers. Our next public event will be a family bat walk at 7.30 pm on Friday 9 September. Bat walks are always popular with families – children love exploring the ‘creepy woods’ in the dark!

For further details of events please contact Paul Hulbert on or 07771 562505 – further details will also appear on this blog in a couple of weeks.

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