Heritage fruit trees planted at Wapley work morning 12 November

The ladies discovered a hidden talent,
using a post whacker

Our team of volunteers after a good morning’s work

Now, which tree goes where?

We had a great work morning on Saturday at Wapley Bushes Local Nature Reserve, planting heritage varieties of apples and pears along the hedge at the bottom of the Lower Meadow, where there are already two very large mature pear trees.

It really started the previous day when two of us went to collect the trees from a specialist nursery. We thought they were going to be about 4 feet high but found that most were nearer 8 feet. they just fitted in the car, with the tops almost out of the front passenger window.

We had selected types of fruit that used to grow around here but are no longer available in the shops, for example beetroot pears – red leaves and red flesh inside. We planted two of these and four apples of several varieties. They are all on vigorous root stocks so they should take root quickly.

We had eight volunteers, just the right number for the job in hand including a lot of litter picking. The weather was kind and the threatened showers didn’t materialise.

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