Planting for generations to come – report from Wapley work mornings March 2018

We had a good work morning on Saturday 17 March, despite the bitter cold and snow flurries. Although there were only four of the regular volunteers, we were joined by 19 guides and 3 adults from the First Westerleigh Guides, who meet at Abbotswood Primary School.

The guides planted 48 Yellow Archangel plug plants, a typical flower of ancient woodlands and hedgerows, and did a big litter pick. Their spring cleaning even unearthed a metal backplate from a washing machine, that someone had been using as a slide. We were very impressed by the girls’ energy and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile the volunteers concentrated on tree planting in the woodland. The priority task was to put in 10 large Wild Service Trees, a tall deciduous broadleaf that is quite rare in the UK. By the time we had done this time was getting on, and we decided to pack in to avoid getting frozen.

Five volunteers returned again on Wednesday 21 March and planted the smaller young trees – 8 each of Oak, Broad Leaved Lime and Black Poplar. Although there were more of them they were easier to plant than the Service Trees – they only needed a simple “T cut” rather than a large hole for the roots.

So that completed our Wapley planting programme for the winter – 100 tree in all that will provide the replacement high canopy when ash dieback disease has eventually taken its toll.

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