Report on work morning 14 January – LOTS done!

Pond panorama Nov 2006
We started off by putting in 60 marginal plants in the top pond. A sight for sore eyes – Malcolm and myself in waders sloshing around in the water, with me towing a floating box behind me with plants in. Everyone else was planting along the bank – 60 plants in all – and digging a channel to divert the incoming water under the little bridge and stop it flooding the path – it’s rather a morass up there.

Then we turned our attention to tree planting at the picnic area. We planted 60 trees and hedging plants. We put in mainly hawthorn to fill the gaps in the hedge, then we put trees in the long grass, including hazel, dogwood, spindle, crab apple, holly, field maple and wayfaring tree. They’re fairly small at the moment, but they will grow into substantial trees.

A big thank you to everyone who came along on the work morning! Our next one will be on Sunday March 11, meeting at 10.00 am at the Shire Way gate, when we shall be doing a spring clean and clearing some bramble. Please come along and join us!

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