Wapley Bridge – latest update

Residents will be aware that work on the bridge has slowed down dramatically over the the last few weeks. This was due to problems with the finish on some of the precast concrete units, but these have now been solved.

Another difficulty has been how to get the large tracked vehicle (the orange one in the photo) across to the other side of the line, because of the traffic restrictions on Besom Lane.

It is now planned to take the big vehicle across the railway track at night, possibly this coming weekend.

Work should then proceed quickly. The concrete sections will still be brought round to the other side on a trailer pulled by a large tractor, via Wapley Common as previously planned.

STOP PRESS: The big vehicle is due to cross the line on Saturday night (28 Feb). The concrete sections will be taken round next week, and most of the Beson Lane parking area will be coned off for the week so that they can get the big tractor and trailer in and out.

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